Jenny McCarthy Pairs Up With blue eCigs

blu ecigs jenny mccarthy

Electronics cigarettes are making a mark. It seems everywhere you turn, there’s an advertisment for an eCig company. Well now Jenny McCarthy has jumped on board with blu eCigs. McCarthy will be featured in its new television and online advertising campaign. Airing nationwide August 5, the advertisements will feature Jenny sharing her personal experiences and attraction to blu eCigs, including an introduction of the new Starter Pack.

“Jenny is first and foremost a customer, and as such, she represents a large demographic of blu eCigs users,” said Jason Healy, founder of blu eCigs. “Jenny is a celebrity known for being candid and brutally honest — and we wanted to capture that authenticity. She does a great job sharing her own personal experiences that should resonate very well with female and male audiences alike, while showing the many benefits and features of blu eCigs.”

“As a smoker who is single, I was instantly drawn to e-cigarettes as a smoking alternative to better suit my activities on-set and my lifestyle off-set,” explained McCarthy. “After sampling the field, blu eCigs quickly became my brand of choice — so it was very natural to be part of this campaign and share all the reasons why I honestly love the product.”

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