Fifteen Shades of Cage

In honor of Nicolas Cage playing it cool, calm, and collected in Scott Walker’s upcoming thriller “The Frozen Ground,” here are 15 pictures of the actor extraordinaire lossing complete control.

The Cage gettin’ all up in some old people’s business in “Bad Lieutenant” circa 2009. 

bad lieutenant

Trying to smile, yet failing miserably in “Deadfall” (1993).


Earmuffs! “Bringing Out The Dead” (1999)

bringing out dead 2

Who cares if there are people around, Nic Cage still likes making a scene in “The Wicker Man” (2006).

wickerman 2

Blowing wind in “Windtalkers” (2002). 


Nic Cage being so upset, he’s decided to close his eyes in, yet again, “The Wicker Man” (2006).

wickerman 3

Nic Cage wishes he was in “Sharknado” and not “The Vampire’s Kiss” (1988). 

the vampires kiss 2

I’m no doctor! “Bringing Out The Dead” (1999). 

bringing out dead

Nic Cage doesn’t care if you’re happy, becuase he’s always having a good time in “Bad  Lieutenant” (2009). 

bad lieutenant 2

It’s so dark, and he’s so sad in “The Vampire’s Kiss” (1988).

vampire's kiss

Boo! “The Ghost Rider” (2007).

ghost rider
This is what happens when Nic Cage wears magenta in “Deadfall” (1993).

deadfall 2

Nic Cage prefers sitting in “Raising Arizona” (1987).

raising arizonaI’d be just as upset if I lost all of my property due to Tax evasion in, but not really in, “Bringing Out The Dead” (1999). 

bringing out dead 3

Who can resist Nic Cage’s face in “Face/Off” (1997).


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