Don’t Miss “The Sounds of TOUCH” On “The Winner Is” Monday Night

the winner isThe hot singing competition show “The Winner Is” will have its sneak peek this Monday, June 10th at 10PM ET! Hosted by Nick Lachey, each episode features six acts that go head to head each week and sing with everything they have for a shot at a million-dollar grand prize. The competition is extra special for LATF… Our music editor, Otis Stokes’ brother, Arthur “Hakim” Stokes and his group The Sounds Of TOUCH will compete. They bring their “Old School”, “Motown” and “Senior Sounds” to the stage!

the sounds of touchThe aim of the game is simple; contestants must believe in their own performance, edge out their competition and avoid cash temptations to move forward. Each episode consists of three rounds. In the first round, the contestants are offered $10,000 to leave the game, $25,000 in round two, and $50,000 in round three. Resisting these offers and winning over the audience is the only way to win a spot in the finale, where the offers rise dramatically and lead two lucky acts to a final showdown worth $1,000,000.


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