Meet Beauty Blogger Sensation Missglamorazzi


Blogging is not just a social medium anymore; it is rapidly becoming a lucrative profession. With no apparent investment and no degree required, you can set up shop with a decent camera and give your personal opinion just about anything. In fact, major corporations are hiring bloggers to determine their marketing strategies, their clientele and what will or won’t make it during each season. They heavily rely on the bloggers to assemble their data. The popular bloggers now have managers and publicists to help them with their visibility. Millions of dollars in products and fees are given to select bloggers who are located anywhere and everywhere in the world, and who can get the word out. It is all about their power on YouTube. 

There are quite a few well-known bloggers in Los Angeles, CA and we recently met with one of them: Ingrid a.k.a. MissglamorazziWith over one million YouTube subscribers, she has become a go-to beauty blogger. Missglamorazzi is considered a trend expert in the areas of beauty and fashion. She has revealed some of her secrets to LATF. See for yourself…

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