Book Release: Gabrielle Douglas Is “Raising The Bar”

Gabrielle Douglas Raising The BarTwo-time Olympic gold medlist, an American heroine to young woman, one book out and now another about to hit the shelves. Gabrielle Douglas is still on a roll. The US gymnast releases her second book, “Raising the Bar,” a follow-up to her New York Times Bestseller memoir, “Grace, Gold & Glory: My Leap of Faith.”

This book is a fun one for the fans. A sort of coffee table book – diary with behind-the-scenes photos, personal stories and more. It shows young women that Gabrielle is just like any other girl. She loves going to the movies, being with her friends and her animals. Gabrielle also shares how she keeps healthy with snack tips. “Raising the Bar” explores what it’s like to be an everyday teen with a not-so-everyday life.

Available April 30, 2013

Price $19.99

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