Watch It Here: The New Kids On The Block Throw An Awkward Dance Party For “Remix”

Since 90’s heartthrobs New Kids On The Block announced their reunion and plans for a new album, fans have been anxiously waiting to hear their latest music. Finally the NKOTB dropped the video for their single “Remix (I Like The),” and it’s actually pretty awesome. The video starts out following a “lonely and awkward wallflower” (played by comedian Artemis Pebdani) at a party.

After splashing water on her face in the bathroom, she starts to mouth the words to the track and unleashes her hilarious and fearless inner personality. Dancing around the party and jumping into the pool fully clothed, the other boring vacant-eyed model types follow her lead, and the get-together turns into a bash. Dressed in dapper suits and skinny ties that harken back to a classy 1960’s swagger, the Kids are set up on an outdoor stage playing to the now dancing crowd. The whole thing just works, and the song itself is really catchy. I have to say that I echo the bouncy sentiment of the chorus- I like the Remix too.

By: D.D.

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