Van Halen Plans To Rock Europe With “50-60 Shows”

After more than 40 immensely successful years in the business, the internationally famous hard rock group, Van Halen, is going back on tour. And, just as you’d expect, they’re attacking this tour with the same kind of force they bring to their heavy rock tracks. While talking on The Opie and Anthony Show, lead singer David Lee Roth said that the band plans to play a staggering 50 or 60 shows in Europe, retuning to the continent across the pond for the first time since 1998.

As to what fans can look forward to, The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee said, “Van Halen is very pure and uncut kind of music. It’s lead, bass, drums and howling at the moon. It’s a little like getting drunk on shots of really good Kentucky bourbon. You’ll have a great night, but you probably won’t want to see us again for three years.” For those stuck in the U.S. they’re sadly out of luck. Roth says that they aren’t planning any more American dates.

By: D.D.

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