This Man Slapped A Child On A Plane

Joe Rickey HundleyNo one can ever really know who they’re surrounded by and what people might do in public. There are just too many crazy people out there. Take the man seen in this mugshot: Joe Rickey Hundley of Hayden, Idaho. Last week, he was flying on a Delta flight to Atlanta. As the plane began its descent into Atlanta, a boy seated in the same row as Hundley began to cry because of the altitude change. His mother tried to soothe him. Hundley allegedly told her to “shut that (N-word) baby up.” He proceeded to turn around and slap the child in the face with an open hand. The boy suffered a scratch below his right eye.

People like Hundley should be locked up. They’re racist and out of countrol. Who knows what else he is capable of doing. Luckily, the company he works for saw a risk and a dangerous man. Hundley lost his job due to his erratic behavior.

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