Chuggable AC/DC Now Available

Some things just seem meant to be, like rocking out and drinking an ice-cold beer. For years now people (at least a couple) have been demanding that the divide between those two favorite activities be narrowed. Fortunately, AC/DC (like KISS before them) has taken it upon themselves to solve this problem. The Australian hard rock group has teamed up with a Germany brewery to bring the demanding masses “AC/DC Premium Lager Beer.”

AC/DC says this (ironically?) about the brew, “This lager fires up your tongue like TNT, comes with a great beer-loving taste and is brewed in accordance with the Rock`n Roll manifesto of 1973 and the German purity law of 1516.” Thirsty Germans are in luck as the product is already available over there. Parched Americans ready to crack open a can and rock will have to wait a little longer though- there’s no word yet as to when the beer will be available stateside.

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By: D.D.

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