At The Height Of Hypocrisy

Chris Christie Am I one of the few who are noticing that gas prices have been climbing back to $4 per gallon and higher, depending on where you are in Los Angeles? Why is that? No one told us about any problems going on with refineries here or abroad. I’m not aware of any particular embargo on gas anywhere else in the world. Perhaps it is that the media is so drenched in the gun issues that we are not aware of a problem. Isn’t it remarkable how we are being manipulated and are only hearing, on a daily basis, about ‘shootings’ and ‘gun seizing’? Yet, I seriously doubt that much will change when it comes to gun control in a year from now. Perhaps in ten?

Although I am for defending myself and for bearing arms to a reasonable extent, I am baffled with the way they are trying to amend the laws. Don’t you wonder why it is that we are not capable as a society to control gun trafficking? Yet, when one of the officers of any of the police departments are shot, the man hunt is ON. All means are deployed. This is never done in any other situation involving an ‘average joe’, except when PD’s are involved. Isn’t that what we would call a double standard?

While we’re on the subject of hypocrisy; the award for the ‘biggest’ hypocrite goes to New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. What a joke it is to hear him say how Dr. Connie Mariano should ‘shut up’ when he’s certainly not one who practices what he preaches. He really hides his inability to commit to losing weight by using his children as shields. Let me first remind you that public figures and celebrities cannot exclude any topics of any sort. If, in fact, Gov. Christie has tried everything to lose weight, perhaps it’s time for an intervention from ‘The Biggest Loser.’ We know they get results. When one pretends to want to be the commander-in-chief and he is as big as a whale… one should consider the fact that the country can voice their concerns. Food for thought…

By Michele Elyzabeth

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