Weekend Movie Releases 1/18/13-1/20/13

Weekend Movie Releases 1/18/13-1/20/13Broken City

Mark Wahlberg, Russell Crowe, and Catherine Zeta-Jones star in this taught crime drama from director Allen Hughes (The Book of Eli). The film follows Wahlberg’s character Billy Thaggart, as he seeks revenge and retribution after being double-crossed by the powerful and greedy mayor: Crowe’s Nicholas Hostetler.

The Last Stand

Action specialist Jee-woon Kim (I Saw The Devil) brings Arnold Schwarzenegger back to the silver screen in The Last Stand, a high voltage action film about a hardened small town sheriff looking to take down a high-powered Mexican Cartel gang member before he crosses the US/Mexico border. The film is accentuated by a talented comedic cast including: Johnny Knoxville, Luis Guzman, and Forest Whitaker. With a surprising 100% Certified fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes, The Last Stand looks to breath fresh air into Schwarzenegger’s less than stellar post governor acting career comeback.


Zero Dark Thirty protagonist and Golden Globe winner Jessica Chastain stars in Mama, a thriller/horror film about a young couple responsible for raising two children that had been left alone in the woods for five years. When strange things begin to happen, Chastain and her on screen husband begin to suspect that the children may not have been 100% alone in the woods after all. Andres Muschietti directs, with Guillermo del Toro acting as executive producer.

By David Morris

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