Rock The Weekend 1/25/13-1/27/13


The NAMM Show

Where: Anaheim Convention Center

Every day this weekend the Anaheim Convention Center will be opening its doors to a slew of technophiles and music aficionados for the NAMM Show. This yearly event showcases the best and newest instruments and musical devices in the industry. LATF will be on the scene checking out all that’s happening- stay tuned for our breakdown of all the 2013 equipment that stands out.

Wiz Khalifa

Where: Icon LA Ultra Lounge

Friday night rapper Wiz Khalifa will be performing at the Icon LA Ultra Lounge in Downtown. With nine hit singles such as “Black And Yellow,” the native North Dakotan is a frequent name on the Billboard Hot 100. This is his only show on the books for a while, so that means you better take advantage of this chance to see the Grammy-nominated artist while you can.



Where: Staples Center

Formed back in 1994, the alternative rock group, Muse, has come back on to the mainstream scene in a big way with their electro hit, “Madness.” Their latest album “2nd Law” has reminded longtime fans and new converts just why this genre-defying band is so great. Luckily for Angelenos, they’ll be performing at the Staples Center this Saturday. Get tickets while you still can.

Ben Folds Five

Where: The Wiltern

Ben Folds is great on his own, but you really can’t beat the original Ben Folds Five. After a decade of radio silence the beloved alternative piano rock trio has made their big return with their 2012 album “The Sound Of The Life Of The Mind.” True, most people tuned into the Top 40 only know them for their 1998 hit “Brick,” but loyalists argue that BFF is a truly underrated band, wholly deserving of the cult following they’ve maintained over the years. Ben Folds definitely knows what it means to put on a show, improvising and letting the music take him wherever it wants. See for yourself this Saturday at the Wiltern.

By: D.D.

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