Give It Up American Idol

Image Courtesy of Michael Becker / FOX

What do you get when you put a diva, country singer, rap/pop star and old timer Randy Jackson together? The answer is, unoriginality and 4 million less viewers from the show’s 2012 premiere. Don’t get us wrong, we love Mariah Carey but what did she add to the judge’s panel except eyelash batting and “dahling” this and “dahling” that? Keith Urban is whatever; nothing special. And Randy Jackson? We have nothing to say about him just like he has nothing new to add. Maybe he should have exited this year rather than holding on for one last season?

The only ounce of entertainment comes from Nicki Minaj who fakes a British accent when she’s nervous and offers words of encouragement to those who didn’t get a ticket to Hollywood. Other than that, the contestant sob stories are excessive (especially after watching The X-Factor and The Voice) and everything is predictable from Day 1: Idol will poke fun at the terrible singers, maybe get some press out of a horrible young William Hung copycat and there will be some dramatic tearful and hair-pulling moments, then some duckling turns into a swan.

Sorry, it’s over “American Idol.” The premiere averaged 17.9 million viewers; that’s a 19% decrease compared to last season. It’s a downhill slope from here on out…


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