Jazz Luminary, Dave Brubeck Passes

Pianist and composer, Dave Brubeck brought jazz to an entirely new level when his quartet first performed “Take Five” at the Village Gate nightclub in New York City in 1959. From there, the track became the first jazz single to attain gold-record status and is one of the top selling jazz albums of all time. Brubeck, who passed away today, December 5th at the age of 91 has left behind a memorable music legacy.

Brubeck’s approach to jazz music in the 1950’s made him one of the best known figures in the jazz industry. Although, “Take Five” was originally composed by Paul Desmond, the song became Brubeck’s signature and it was his rendition that was used in numerous films and TV shows. Throughout his career, he composed jazz standards which included “Blue Rondo a la Turk,” “The Duke,” and “In Your Own Sweet Way.” The Dave Brubeck Quartet lasted from 1951 until 1967. Personally, Brubeck’s “Take Five” defines the hustle and bustle energy of Manhattan. The next time I’m in NYC, walking down the street and listening to the tune, I will think of the jazz legend.

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