The X-Factor Goes Peek-A-Boo Debut

Kardashian and Lopez premiered last night as the new hosts on the already “dead in the water” X-Factor. Nothing could have saved it, not even Khloe showing her nipple. It seems, no matter what, the Kardashians remain tasteless. Someone please tell us why on earth you would give that beast of a woman a job on national television and, even worse, dress her in an open shirt without a bra. It was a horrible sight. As far as Mario is concerned, the guy doesn’t need another gig; he’s got plenty to do with Extra.

Straight ahead from them, the judges aren’t looking any better. Looks like Simon is eating his paycheck with some extra chub under his chin. It’s hard to believe that he didn’t know about Kardashian’s wardrobe beforehand. We all know what a control freak he is. As much as we love Demi Lovato, how many times can we hear her say “adorable?” Britney is still constipated and LA Reid sticks to being “Mr. Nice Guy.”

This show is nothing but a trainwreck. The only reason why it was secured for another season has to be because its guaranteed in the contract. Sooner or later, people will get bored and the contract will expire. Can’t wait for that day to arrive.

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