Forever Young With Rashel’s Miracle Peel

It is a fact that most women will do just about anything to keep up with their youth. Recently featured on the CBS show, The Doctors, Rashel’s clinically proven Miracle Peel was introduced to millions of women across the country. Rashel Pouri, a skincare expert and owner of AI Spa located in Calabasas, has created the peel that boosts genes and activates the production of protein.

The peel is a combination of Retin-A, Hydroquinone, Kojic Acid, Proteins, Vitamins A,E,D and C, which restores the skin. If used each night for 2 weeks it promises a distinct difference in appearance. The peel should be applied on a perfectly clean face, no more than a dime size. Wear a lip balm to protect the lips and do not put close to the eyes.

In the morning, wash your face but do not scrub, apply a sun protection and moisturizer. Then give your skin a rest for one week and repeat twice a week for 2 more weeks. In judging by the segment on The Doctors, each of us who had reached 35 and better can benefit from it. Just check out the video below. For any additional questions visit: or call 1.888.972-4772

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