“Sex and the City” Characters Could Not Afford Their NYC Lifestyle

With Sex and the City’s recent arrival to Netflix, a new study has revealed whether the characters would be able to afford their extravagant lifestyles today.  

Online casino company, Nieuwe-Casinos, collected data from Expatistan and Numbeo to determine how much each character’s lifestyle would cost in 2024, including the price of dining out, going out for cocktails, and cab fees in New York.  

Using data from Glassdoor, this figure was measured against how much Carrie, Miranda, Samantha, and Charlotte would earn to determine whether the character’s expensive lifestyles would hold up today.  

Carrie Bradshaw  

Up first is Carrie Bradshaw, the protagonist of the hit series. The study found that Carrie’s New York lifestyle would cost around $73,429.20 a year in 2024. The character’s main expenses included dining out roughly three times a week, which would now cost Carrie around $11,232 a year.  

Smoking was also an expensive fee, with the study finding that Carrie would now spend around $1,768 a year on cigarettes alone. Carrie’s lifestyle cost also included the average yearly rent for a studio apartment in New York, which would now cost her $46,956 a year in 2024.  

However, according to data from Glassdoor, Carrie’s salary in 2024 may be enough to cover her extravagant lifestyle. As a weekly columnist, the character would earn an average of $94,000 annually, leaving her with $20,570.80 spare.  

However, Carrie’s expensive taste in fashion was not included in the character’s overall lifestyle cost. According to the study, Carrie’s lifestyle in 1998 would’ve cost her $38,568.99 while on a salary of around $49,373.88. In season four of the show, it was revealed that the character spent $40,000 on shoes alone, meaning that it’s unlikely that Carrie’s luxury wardrobe would be financially unsustainable both today and in 1998.  

Miranda Hobbes 

As a lawyer in New York, Miranda would earn an average salary of $171,000 a year in 2024, but her social lifestyle would set her back by $73,180.16.  

The study found that getting coffee with friends roughly five times a week would cost Miranda $1,409.20 a year. Fitness is also essential to Miranda’s lifestyle, costing her $1,518.96 for a yearly gym membership in New York.  

In 1998, Miranda’s lifestyle would’ve cost her $38,438.18 on a salary of around $89,818.45. According to the study, the character would have $97,819.84 to spare in 2024. Luxury fashion isn’t a large part of Miranda’s life, so she would be able to afford her busy lifestyle comfortably 

Samantha Jones 

As a public relations professional, Samantha would earn an average salary of $105,000 in 2024, but her expensive lifestyle would also cost her around $73,180.16. Going out for cocktails roughly three times a week would ultimately cost Samantha $6,240 a year today; buying a bottle of wine at least twice a week would also add up to $2,080 a year.  

In 1998, Samantha’s lifestyle would’ve cost her $38,438.18 on a salary of around $55,151.68, leaving her with $16,713.50 left over. Today, the character’s life would leave her with $31,819.84 spare. Still, Samantha owns a closet full of designer clothes and enjoys spending a lot of money on her appearance throughout the show, meaning that her lifestyle would be a stretch to afford today and in 1998.  

Charlotte York  

Known as the Park Avenue Princess of the show, Charlotte’s lifestyle in 2024 would cost her around $71,661.20 a year. Going out for brunch at least twice a week would ultimately cost Charlotte $1,976 a year, and getting a cab at least once a day would add up to an annual fee of $1,768.  

As an art dealer for a New York gallery, Charlotte would earn an average salary of $102,000 today, leaving her with $30,338.80 to spend on her expensive lifestyle. In 1998, Charlotte’s lifestyle would’ve cost her $37,640.34 on a salary of around $53,575.92, leaving her with $15,935.58 to spare.  

However, it’s known that Charlotte likes the best of the best and was often seen wearing Ralph Lauren and Dior, meaning that she likely wouldn’t be able to afford her lifestyle today or in 1998. 


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This information was provided by the online casino company, Nieuwe-Casinos 

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