No Surprise Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Are The Most Popular Celebrity Couple

New data has revealed the top biggest celebrity athlete couples and it’s no surprise that Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are the biggest celebrity sporting couple, with a score of 99.30 out of 100 from SlotsUp’s experts.

The study found that people worldwide are Googling Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce 41.6 million times a month on average. To put that into perspective, people are Googling the couple 602% more than Kim Kardashian and Odell Beckham Jr., who placed second on the list of biggest celebrity sporting couples. The data also showed that Swift and Travis have appeared in 588% more online news articles and have 126% more TikTok followers than Kardashian and Beckham Jr.

In second place is Kim Kardashian & Odell Beckham Jr., who have recently been rumored to have broken up, with an index score of 89.54. The couple combined have the most followers on Instagram out of all the celebrity athlete couples in the top 10 listed, with 382 million followers. 

Ranking third is Victoria Beckham and David Beckham, with a total score of 83.48. The Beckham’s have the secondhighest combined Facebook following after Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce, with 67 million followers on the social media platform. 

On and off Kendall Jenner and NBA player Devin Booker are close behind in fourth place, with a total score of 82.93.  Jenner and Booker have the second highest amount of Instagram followers combined in celebrity sporting couples top 10 after sister Kim & NFL player Odell, with 300.2 million followers.

In fifth place is Ciara and Russell Wilson, with an index score of 75.58. The couple’s social media on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok have a total following of 80.7 million followers combined

Model Irina Shayk and NFL superstar Tom Brady are in sixth place, with an index score of 75.30. Shayk and Brady have the third highest newspaper article count out of the top 10 celebrity sporting couples listed, with 160,176 online articles mentioning their name.

In seventh place is actress Gabrielle Union and former NBA player Dwayne Wayde, with a score of 73.07. The couple combined have a total following of 80.9 million followers across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok. Despite having a bigger following than Ciara and Russell Wilson on social media, Ciara and Wilson have 222% more online articles mentioning their name online. 

Spanish singer Enrique Iglesias and former tennis player Anna Kournikova are in eighth place, with an index score of 71.14. The couple combined has fewer followers on all social media platforms than Gabrielle Union and Dwayne Wayde, apart from Facebook, where they have 213% more followers. 

Sports-tech power couple Serena Williams and billionaire Alexis Ohanian are in ninth place, with an index score of 64.48.

Finally, rounding off the list in tenth place is singer Carrie Underwood and former NHL player Mike Fisher, with an index score of 66.50.

The research conducted by experts analyzed the index score of a list of 40 celebrity sports couples to calculate the top 10 most popular. The study ranked each celebrity couple against six main factors: average monthly search volume, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter followers, and how many times they have been mentioned in online newspaper articles. Results for each category were converted into an overall score out of 100 to determine the ranking. 

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