Mother’s Day Fragrance: Foudroyant from Givenchy’s La Collection Particulière

Foudroyant by Givenchy’s La Collection Particulière is an Amber Woody fragrance for women and men which launched in 2022.

This amber fragrance combines supreme elegance with the most intense addiction.

At the top, Aromatic notes of Cedar Leaf merge with a woody depth. Following at the heart with Tolu Balm from Latin America, a long-lasting balsamic aroma with notes of cinnamon, vanilla, and soft florals and Labdanum, a warm, earthy, and slightly sweet aroma, boasting appealing notes of amber and musk accords.

Mystical and sacred, in the finish with notes of Agarwood (Oud). Harvested by hand from the heart of the Aquilaria tree, the prestigious resin can only be collected after several decades of patience. Singular and rare, Oud wood is considered to be the most precious wood in perfumery.

Recognizable by the depth of its spicy and subtle animal notes, it infuses fragrances with strength and sensuality.

A treasure among La Collection Particulière – Eau de Parfum Intense from the house of Givenchy is perfect to gift for Mother’s Day.

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