Mother’s Day Fragrance: EQUIVOQUE, Eau de Parfum Intense From Givenchy

EQUIVOQUE, Eau de Parfum Intense is a member of Givenchy’s “La Collection Particuliere.”

Equivoque is not like any other; sometimes complicated, sometimes paradoxical. Delicately harvested by hand, Cardamom is one of the most precious spices. Its pungent essence is obtained by steam distillation of dried seeds, in a sustainable process.

It is contrasted with Assam Oud Wood in this spicy eau de parfum, whose elegantly woody and extremely ambery fragrance is harnessed through the great savoir-faire of Master Distillers. The enigmatic Cardamom-Assam Oud accord is embellished with Gaiac and Atlas Cedar Essences, creating a deliciously disconcerting effect.

Mystical and sacred, Oud captivates the senses and reveals a noble and woody trail with a powerful oriental scent. Harvested by hand from the heart of the Aquilaria tree, the prestigious resin can only be collected after several decades of patience. Singular and rare, Oud wood is considered to be the most precious wood in perfumery. Recognizable by the depth of its spicy and subtle animal notes, it infuses fragrances with strength and sensuality.

Finely selected in accordance with Givenchy’s savoir-faire, only the purest and most captivating Ouds, from Bangladesh to Malaysia, are used to enhance the creations of the Eaux de Parfum Intenses in La Collection Particulière.

Equivoque is an exquisite fragrance full of history and perfect to gift for Mother’s Day!

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