LX-1700 Is The Perfect Iron From Electrolux

After trying the handheld Electrolux steamer LX-15002 and being completely satisfied with its performance, I decided to replace my old iron and give the Electrolux Essential Iron LX-1700 a whirl.

Electrolux launched its first iron in the United States in 1933. This iron was part of Electrolux’s expansion into providing a wider range of household appliances beyond vacuum cleaners in the US.

Let’s look back at how it all started and the rich history of Electrolux:

In the mid-1940s, a Swedish woman by the name of Eva Göthberg joined Elektro-Helios, the reputable Swedish appliance company which later would be acquired by Electrolux. By the 1950s, billboards appeared across Sweden with slogans from Eva Göthberg who became the future Head of the Electrolux Test Kitchen and reigned for 35 years. She was a single mother in a senior management position.  Eva had a huge influence on the development and final specification of the products. She devoted herself to representing the views of the housewives regarding the practical requirements of a long line of household appliances. In her kitchen, products were meticulously tested, over and over again.

Eva is little known today even in her native Sweden, yet her story is one that changed both Electrolux and people’s lives for the better, as Eva was also the woman who taught people across Sweden that there was a new, time-efficient and ultimately liberating way to do household chores.

Her first focus had been the electric cooker. With the 1950s came an economic boom. Eva set about demonstrating the latest company innovations – including a simple dishwasher and a washing machine. No longer would women have to spend hours doing dishes and laundry by hand. Eva and Electrolux were part of an industry that was liberating women.

The launch of Electrolux’s first chest freezer ‘the City Box’ in 1956 accelerated this. The freezer was enabling married professional women and mothers to go back to work. They could fill their freezer with dinners and pastries for the family. Again, Eva went about educating people about the art of deep freezing and publishing cookbooks which explained the  technology and how best to retain the quality of food. Despite her celebrity status, Eva remained committed to Electrolux and the test kitchen until the early 1980s. After knowing all of this rich history, no wonder Electrolux was still at the forefront of home technology and appliances.

This is why when it came down to replacing my old iron, going with the Electrolux Essential Iron LX-1700 was a no-brainer. Similar to my steamer, it came packed in an elegant and sturdy gift box which also serves as storage.

I have always had a problem with wrinkles so my iron had to be performant. The LX-1700 is what I call a solid ironing device. It has a large tank with a nonstick ceramic sole plate for even heating. Its powerful 1650 watt releases super high heat within 30 seconds. Its steam of 15 minutes enables continuous ironing. It is equipped with four variable levels which remove creases quickly, an anti-drip, self cleaning, and an automatic shut off feature. It can be used on cotton, wool, nylon, silk etc. It comes with a heat-resistant mat which allows the iron to be stored even while hot.

I know a lot of people are not fond of ironing, I personally don’t mind it at all and with the LX 1700, ironing is a breeze. Try it. Also never forget to read the instruction manual.

Next, I’ll tell you all about their vacuum cleaners! 

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