Emma Mackey Is Burberry Goddess Campaign Star

emma mackey, burberry

Burberry Beauty unveiled Burberry Goddess Eau de Parfum, its newest fragrance pillar for women.

The campaign, fronted by French-British Actress, Emma Mackey, presents a story of self-discovery inspired by the collective strength and power of a lioness. Embodying the spirit of Burberry Goddess, Emma channels strength and pride, igniting the power within to discover her inner confidence and ascend the peak ahead of her.

“Being afforded the opportunity to become an ambassador for the new Burberry fragrance feels particularly special and personal. To me, lionesses represent female unity and strength. They are confident and move together. Much like them, we stand on the shoulders of the women who came before us and those who bolster us throughout our own lives. To me, this image is a real source of empowerment,” said Emma Mackey, Burberry Beauty Ambassador

emma mackey, burberry

As Burberry’s first refillable fragrance, Goddess is a unique gourmand aromatic fragrance led by a powerful trio of distinct vanillas. Collected by hand, the beans spend five to seven weeks drying in the sun. They are then stored in wooden boxes to mature and develop their sweet signature aroma. During this process, the vanilla accord is wrapped with notes of lavender, in addition to earthy notes of cocoa and ginger roots, creating an aromatic balance to each distinct vanilla.

“My initial goal for Burberry Goddess was to expand upon the common use of vanilla to deliver a new kind of rich olfactive experience. For this purpose, I used three distinct types of vanilla extraction. The first is a vanilla infusion, which provides the brightest, wood vanilla possible. Then I used Firgood, also known as vanilla caviar, for the first time in a fragrance. This innovative new ingredient adds a sweet, rich and animalic vanilla. Lastly, vanilla absolute is darked and richer, enhancing the fragrance with a mysterious, milky aspect,” said Amandine Clerc-Marie, Master Perfumer

The refillable bottle boasts an elegant, yet contemporary design with the gabardine-inspired gold label on the outer casing playing homage to Burberry’s long-standing heritage, while the archive-inspired bottle is modernized with a gold medallion.

Burberry Goddess will be available at tomorrow, August 1st, for $165 (100ml). The fragrance will also be available in 50ml, 30ml and 10ml formats, in addition to the refillable bottle (150ml), shower gel and body lotion to complete the collection.

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