This Tennis Player Earned More Than Venus Williams at Wimbledon

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As the Wimbledon main draw gets underway this week, online casino comparison website, has uncovered which of this year’s stars have earned the most prize money throughout their Wimbledon careers. 

The player who has earned the most prize money is Novak Djokovic, who has won a staggering $169,762,762 in prize money throughout his career so far. Currently sitting at number two in the ATP rankings, Djokovic has won the most Grand Slams, winning his 23rd last month at The French Open.

In total, he has won 94 singles titles, 7 of them being Wimbledon titles. He also has a win rate of 83.4%, which puts him the highest on this list. Djokovic hopes to add to his winnings when he competes at Wimbledon next week.

Andy Murray is second on the list, earning $63,768,403 throughout his Wimbledon career. Murray has 46 singles titles and has won Wimbledon twice. After undergoing hip resurfacing surgery in 2019, which saved Murray from retirement, Andy has fought his way back and is currently sitting at 39 in the ATP rankings and is also set to compete at this year’s Wimbledon. Murray has a win rate of 75%. 

Venus Williams is third on the list and is one of only three women to feature in this top ten. She has won a total of $42,413,504 and holds five Wimbledon titles. After turning pro in 1994 at the age of 14, Williams has since won 49 singles titles. 

Williams is currently ranked 554, having not appeared for many competitions in the past few years. Her most recent appearance was at the Rothesay Classic tournament in Birmingham, where she went out in the round of 16. She will compete at this year’s Wimbledon after being awarded a wildcard entry.  

Fourth on the list is Czech player Petra Kvitova, who has won $36,765,447 in prize money during her career, Kvitova ranks 9th in the WTA official ranking. She has won 31 singles titles and won Wimbledon twice, and has a win rate of 67.7%. Her most recent title came in Berlin at the German Open.  

Victoria Azarenka ranks fifth, with $36,055,176 in total career prize money. At 19 in the WTA rankings, Azarenka has won 21 singles titles. Although she has competed at Wimbledon 14 times, she has not yet won. Her most successful Wimbledon run came in both 2011 and 2012, where she reached the semifinals. Azarenka has a slightly higher win rate of 71%. 

In sixth place is Swiss player Stan Wawrinka who has won $35,993,955 in total career prize money. Wawrinka has a win rate of 62.4% and has won 16 singles titles. He has never won Wimbledon; getting to the quarter-finals in 2014 and 2015 is the furthest he has made in the competition. He currently sits at 87 in the ATP rankings.  

Coming in seventh place is Alexander Zverev, currently 21 in the ATP rankings. He has won a total of $34,735,339 in career prize money. At 26, he has already won 19 singles titles. He has competed in Wimbledon six times, only getting as far as the 4th round in 2017 and 2021.  

Daniil Medvedev comes in eighth place. The Russian player is third in the ATP rankings, winning 20 singles titles, including the US Open in 2021, where he defeated Novak Djokovic. He has won $31,495,691 in prize money so far and has a win rate of 71%. He reached the 4th round of Wimbledon in 2021 but has yet to win the competition. 

Austrian player Dominic Thiem is ninth on the list. Thiem has won a total of $29,666,028 in career prize money. He is currently ranked 90 in the ATP rankings, winning 17 singles titles. Thiem’s only Grand Slam win came in 2020 at the US Open, beating Alexander Zverev in the final. He has a win rate of 63%.

Last on the list is Stefanos Tsitsipas. Tsitsipas is currently ranked 5th in the world, and has won a total of $26,447,416 in career prize money. He has won nine singles titles, none of them being Grand Slams. Tsitsipas’ best run at Wimbledon came in 2018 when he reached the fourth round. Overall, he has a win rate of 68.4%.

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