Kendall Jenner is the New Face of L’Oréal Paris

kendall jenner, l'oreal paris

L’Oréal Paris, the number one beauty brand in the world, announces Kendall Jenner as their latest Global Ambassador. The beauty empire announced in a release this week.

The company calls Kendall a  powerful, successful, and talented young woman who continues to captivate audiences around her. A constant figure in the fashion industry. Jenner is an entrepreneur, and a media icon, Kendall Jenner has become a role model for her generation.

Kendall Jenner has become one of the world’s biggest models and one of the most influential women in the world. Since 2007, alongside her sisters, Kendall has grown up with the world as her audience. Having started modeling at the age of 13, she had already accomplished so much by the time she was 22, walking for the biggest fashion houses and collaborating with some of the world’s most powerful brands.

“Nobody defines Kendall Jenner but Kendall Jenner. She is the embodiment of everything Gen-Z stands for, owning her image, proudly growing in her self-worth, and inspiring others to do the same,” said Delphine Viguier, L’Oréal Paris Global Brand President.

Did you know that Kendall Jenner has her own global media platform, and she is editor-in-chief? I think they’re referring to her social media platform.

“I’m honored to be part of a new sisterhood of strong, powerful women and to be able to say those iconic words, I’m worth it. Joining the L’Oréal Paris family and having the opportunity to embody everything the brand stands for feels like a true full-circle moment,” said Kendall Jenner.

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