“After The Bite” Documentary Explores Human vs Shark

after the bite documentary, sharks

Great white sharks have dominated headlines in recent years, as their deadly interactions with people have increased in the waters stretching from Maine to the Cape and Islands.

Those charged with protecting the public have been forced to address the risk of serious injuries with stop-the-bleed kits mounted at public access beach entrances, and new training programs and protocols for lifeguards.

“After the Bite” is an exploration of how one coastal community is renegotiating their relationship with the marine environment and considers the larger question that has plagued the human race since the industrial revolution: how far can we push nature before it bites back?

after the bite documentary, sharks

DIRECTOR: Ivy Meeropol (Bully. Coward. Victim., Indian Point, Heir to an Execution)

RUN TIME: 88 min


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