Tips For Kentucky Derby Gamblers

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The Kentucky Derby is one of the most high-profile races in the world. There have been some iconic winners and mega-bucks made over the years. 

With the Derby just around the corner with its Saturday May 6th kick-off, the gambling industry experts at JustGamblers have shared their top tips with LATF for those placing bets over the weekend.

Favorites tend to dominate, but don’t underestimate the underdogs 

Over the past five years, favorites have dominated the Kentucky Derby.  

However, more recently underdogs have prevailed. A prime example being long shot, Country House who won after Maximum Security’s disqualification. 

Never underestimate the unexpected at the Kentucky Derby. 

Consider what class the horses are from 

Some horses will have competed more than others. It is good to generally consider who horses have raced against previously, and how they have fared. 

An example being horses beating the best horses at the top venues is more impressive than horses winning at smaller tracks against lesser competition. 

Opt for long distance runners 

In races like the Kentucky Derby which is a 1.25-mile race, stamina definitely matters.  

Therefore, look for horses that prefer distance races to sprints. Consider how the field has adapted to previous changes in distance and take close note of their bloodlines. 

Always look at the jockeys 

Whilst many will opt for a horse for the name or the coloured shirts, the jockey gives away more of the game of which horse to choose.  

The jockeys generally give away much more information about the horse’s strengths and weaknesses compared to the horses they’re racing. Considering which jockeys have consistently raced successful horses is definitely worthwhile. 

Avoid horses who ran more than three times between January and April 

Horses who race too often during the winter and spring tend to be at a disadvantage. 

Therefore, it is best to opt for a horse in peak form. Between 2005 and 2018, every Kentucky Derby winner competed in just two or three races between January and April of their 3-year-old seasons. 

“The Kentucky Derby is an exciting event that gives racing fans and non-racing fans a buzz.  Whilst we have seen some thrilling finish line wins over the years, it is important to never underestimate the underdogs, as recent events prove they have just as much of a chance as the favorites. Concentrating on all aspects of the horse, the jockey and their experience in racing can help improve your chances of picking a winner, a JustGamblers spokesperson told LATF.  

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