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Although the Joico Defy Damage line launched in 2019, it still remains a top choice when it comes to protecting your hair. I take very good care of my hair and only use the best. Joico has always been a great hair care line which is very consistent with the quality of their products.

I am still a huge fan of Defy Damage Sleepover:

This bedtime bond-strengthener nourishes hair while you sleep. It is simple to use, apply a small quantity on dry hair avoiding the roots the night before and you will wake up with softer, shinier, visibly healthier looking hair.

Proceeding with Defy Damage Protective Shampoo & Conditioner: 

The shampoo will gently slough away dirt and debris without roughing up the hair cuticle. The Protective Conditioner will replenish moisture and build resilience every day.

Never forget to protect your hair with Protective Shield from the same line.

Before styling your hair, apply it to clean dump hair, comb through. It will protect against the harsh effects of daily styling and exposure to UV and environmental pollution.

If you happen to have frizzy hair or live in a region where humidity is a factor, such as Florida or the South in general, I highly recommend Defy Damage Invincible. It is a multi-tasking conditioning spray that nourishes hair with an invisible cloak of protection against humidity, thermal damage, and pollution. It works.

Last but not least, once a week treat your hair with their Damage Protective Masque, this powerful at-home treatment goes deep to infuse hair with a brilliant, bond-strengthening defense system. The result? Less breakage, more protection from heat styling; and hair has instant softness and shine…the kind you can see and feel on contact.

Have a great Summer with endless good hair days!

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