Prakti Beauty Fuses the East and the West

Pritika Swarup, prakti beauty

Pritika Swarup is the founder & CEO of India-Inspired beauty and wellness brand PRAKTI BEAUTY, which fuses the cultural richness and spirituality of India with contemporary energies and technologies, to create a first-of-its-kind hybrid beauty brand.

An Ivy League Graduate, and Global Ambassador for Operation Smile, Pritika was named the ‘World’s Most Fabulous Financier’ by the New York Post and was also named Fashion It Girl of 2022 by L’Officiel.

She is part of a new generation of women who are redefining their place in the world. 

Growing up, Pritika thrived in the classically American community of her hometown of Virginia Beach, although her roots were deeply anchored in India.

While many see India as a land of traditions, young women in India are defying convention and shattering stereotypes, leading multi-faceted lives that are limited only by their own imaginations. 

Prakti aims to fuse the cultural richness and spirituality of India with contemporary energies and technologies to create a first-of-its-kind hybrid beauty brand. The products reimagine traditional ingredients from Indian remedies and the Ayurvedic pharmacopeia, harnessing their power through technological innovation to enhance the sensory experience of every product.

Prakti currently includes: RaniRitual, to purify polish and pamper; PritiPolish, an instant glow exfoliator and Maha Mask, a pampering moisture treatment. 

Pritika is currently focused on expanding Prakti Beaty by adding a new serum, SundaSkin to its Ayurvedic holistic approach for wellness and healthy living.

prakti beauty, pritika

I tried:

Prakti Devi Detox, Purifying Face Cleanser: 

This creamy cleanser will gently eliminate makeup, excess oil and pollutants while leaving skin hydrated, soft, and always non-stripped.

I followed up by using the Priti Polish:

A delicate rice powder scrub that gently exfoliates skin to luxuriously soft, velvety perfection.  It will smooth and brighten your skin after just one use.

Twice a week, I use the MahaMask™:

This mask will hydrate and plump for dewy, glowing radiant skin. It’s packed with nourishing ingredients like soothing turmeric butter and balancing palmarosa oil, plus antioxidant-rich indica stem and amla oil. 

I ended my beauty regimen with the SundaSkin:

This all-in-one serum is designed to deeply hydrate and lock in moisture to dramatically improve elasticity and firmness while evening texture, tone and boosting luminosity. SundaSkin significantly strengthens your skin barrier for long term health. The result: incredibly smooth, supple, radiant and renewed skin!

Using Prakti Beauty is a very rewarding experience for your skin’s health. 

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