Listen To Tyler Posey’s Single ‘Runnin’

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LATF first met with Tyler Posey when he was the star of TEEN WOLF on MTV.

From the screen to the stage, Posey is also a musician. He has shared his newest single “Runnin’” off of his upcoming album UNRAVEL, out May 26. Utilizing the sounds of the Pacific Ocean, “Runnin’” showcases a more chilled-out, laid-back side of Tyler that has yet to be seen in his previously released music.

Fans can stream “Runnin’” now at

“We [Tyler, co-producer Matt Malpass] recorded it in Hawaii. The waves you hear in the intro are the actual waves we recorded from our Airbnb, whose backyard was the Pacific Ocean. It was the first song we wrote that was a real deviation from pop punk for this album. I’m proud to say we did that deviation justice. I hope you enjoy and feel the sand on your feet and the mist from the breaking waves on your face,” Posey said.

Earlier this week, Tyler announced a release show for his upcoming album UNRAVEL, taking place on June 10 at Chain Reaction in Anaheim, CA with special guests Phem and World’s First Cinema. Tickets are on sale now at

UNRAVEL is set to be released on May 26. Produced by Matt Malpass and John Feldmann, the album features sixteen new tracks, including previous singles “Lemon,” which premiered originally in Teen Wolf: The Movie on Paramount+, “Gravity,” and “Don’t Mind Me.” Fans can pre-order UNRAVEL now at

On the new album, Tyler shares, “Being an independent artist, there is a lot of freedom, and that’s exactly what this album is. Freedom. It’s got every genre from screamo hardcore punk to chill beach vibes. Listen to it from start to finish in order, to really experience the ride that is UNRAVEL, my first full length LP!”

Tyler Posey is no stranger to the spotlight. His storied acting and music career spans over a decade starring in dozens of TV shows and movies including Teen Wolf and Truth or Dare, as well as being a member of multiple bands including PVMNTS and Five North. In 2020, Posey decided to take a big step in his music career by becoming a solo artist

Standing alone in the spotlight for the first time has been freeing in more ways than one, least of all when it comes to his courage to open up about the hell that was 2020. The early days of the COVID pandemic were particularly pronounced for him, exacerbating deep-rooted anxiety, depression and childhood trauma that manifested in a self-destructive pattern of drug and alcohol abuse. Left to his own devices while quarantine orders ruled Los Angeles, life inside Posey’s home became a dangerous cycle of isolation and intoxication.

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