Top 10 Netflix Inspired Halloween Costumes

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Halloween is nearly upon us, and for those that love a chance to get dressed up but want to avoid the stereotypical cat ears and vampire fangs, it’s time to think outside the box. And what better way to get inspired than by turning to iconic movies and TV shows on Netflix?

Whether your Halloween plans involve binge-watching all the classic scary movies at home or attending a spooktacular event, Netflix is a great source of inspiration for costumes. That’s why the team at Wethrift have uncovered the top outfits inspired by the streaming platform.

Top 10 Netflix-inspired fancy dress outfits: 

  1. Marilyn Monroe – 9700%
  2. Cheryl Blossom – 5200%
  3. Klaus Hargreeves – 4800%
  4. The Umbrella Academy uniform – 4700%
  5. Lucas Sinclair – 3000%
  6. Emily Cooper – 1500%
  7. Eddie Munson – 809%
  8. Bridgerton – 405%
  9. Wednesday Addams – 316%
  10. Dream from The Sandman – 72%

Nick Drewe, Trend Expert at Wethrift has provided his insight into the Halloween trends.

  1. Marilyn Monroe 

This Halloween, people will be channelling Marilyn Monroe’s signature style, with searches for costumes inspired by the iconic Hollywood actress up by 9700%. While Monroe fancy dress is an all-time classic, it seems that the new Netflix movie ‘Blonde‘, which is a fictionalised take on the blonde bombshell’s life, has inspired a surge in demand for costumes.

Few things are more legendary than Marilyn’s signature red lip and winged eyeliner duo. In the lead-up to Halloween, searches for ‘Marilyn Monroe makeup‘ have increased by 488% on Pinterest, with more people looking at how they can replicate her beauty.

  1. Cheryl Blossom 

Cheryl Blossom is arguably the most well-loved Riverdale character and definitely one of the most recognizable Netflix personalities to dress up as this spooky season. You can make this a solo costume and channel her signature style and iconic red hair, or gather your Riverdale-loving friends into dressing up with you as Archie, Jughead and Veronica.

  1. Klaus Hargreeves

Klaus Hargreeves who is best recognised for his vibrant and colourful wardrobe is the top trending character from the Netflix series The Umbrella Academy, with searches for his unique look up by 4800% on Google.

The style is really easy to replicate and notable to the character, just grab yourself a shaggy patchwork coat, leather trousers, and boots and pair them with a black smudged liner. Don’t forget to write ‘hello, goodbye’ on your hands, to really channel the Hargreeves look.

  1. The Umbrella Academy uniform

Netflix has recently announced that the hit show, The Umbrella Academy has been renewed for a fourth and final season. The anticipation for the show has resulted in huge demand for costumes inspired by the much-loved characters.

To recreate The Umbrella Academy uniform all you will need is a blazer, shorts that sit at knee level or a checked skirt, high socks and leather shoes. To complete the outfit, grab yourself a pair of white and black goggles, a briefcase or a goldfish in a bag.

  1. Lucas Sinclair

Earlier this year Stranger Things Season 4 broke the record as the most viewed English-language show with over 188.19 million hours total viewed. With October 31st almost upon us, it’s only right that the characters of the show are a firm favourite this spooky season.

Lucas Sinclair has been a big part of Stranger Things since it first aired back in 2016. In the latest season, the character stepped into the Hawkins High School basketball uniform, which has now become a top trending costume for Halloween 2022.

  1. Emily Cooper

Emily in Paris will return to our screens this December, as we continue following the chaotic life of Marketing Executive Emily Cooper as she embarks on new adventures in Paris while juggling her work, friends and new romance. Amidst all the drama, there is always fashion to obsess over, which you can recreate at home this Halloween.

Arguably the most iconic accessory from the series is Emily’s beret, which truly channels the authentic Parisian style. Paired with a black and white checked blazer, black mini dress, heels and a cross-body bag and you are guaranteed to win best dressed.

  1. Eddie Munson

The latest season of Stranger Things introduced Eddie Munson as the leader of the Hellfire Club at Hawkins High and fans are obsessed with the character’s quirky and relatable personality and style. Pay homage to the legendary Hawkins resident by wearing the iconic Hellfire Club tee, a leather jacket, a denim vest, distressed black jeans and converse.

  1. Bridgerton

From Regency-era dresses to elbow-length gloves and tailored gentlemen’s waistcoats, we’ll be seeing a lot of Bridgerton inspired Halloween costumes this year. Regencycore has been a hot trend of the year, as people were eager to emulate the maximalist gowns and statement accessories seen on the Netflix show. The surge in popularity means finding a gown, corset and accessories shouldn’t be too difficult this year.

  1. Wednesday Addams

Wednesday Addams is one of Halloween’s biggest icons, and this spooky season she is predicted to be even more popular, as Netflix has announced that the fictional character will be getting her own spinoff show on November 23rd. As we all wait in anticipation for the big launch, we can recreate Wednesday’s truly iconic look, from her signature braided pigtails, pasty white skin, dark lipstick and collar puff dress.

  1. Dream from The Sandman

Last but certainly not least is Dream from The Sandman. The trench coat is the most iconic item the character wears, paired with combat boots, a leather sand pouch, a black t-shirt and jeans. You can finish the look by coating your hair in gel and carrying a stuffed raven.

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