Vegan Fashion Week Is Actually A Real Thing

vegan fashion week

Los Angeles Fashion Week has never been able to make its mark in high fashion society like New York, Paris and Milan.

But maybe Vegan Fashion Week makes more sense for this eco-friendly city of stars. Turns out, Vegan Fashion Week® is actually a real thing.

This year, VFW collaborated with the California Market Center to present VEGAN WORLD, the only professional vegan fashion trade show in the world. Based in Los Angeles, this elevated platform is combining the worlds of fashion, beauty and lifestyle. An immersive environment to discover, connect and ignite collaborations within the fashion industry.

VEGAN WORLD is featuring a catalog of vegan designers curated globally by Emmanuelle Rienda, Vegan Fashion Week’s founder and creative director. For this edition, the focus was on international female-owned brands including Nous Étudions from Argentina, Veganologie from Dubai, Vegan Tiger from Korea, Mindful Pigs from Canada, Sentient from Mexico, Shoes 53045 from France, and Fan All Flames, Dooeys and Sylven New York from the USA.

Fashion industry professionals and influencers such as singer Mýa, were able to discover new collections of apparel, handbags and shoes made of next-gen materials including plant-based leather from cactus, apple skin, grapes, mulberry tree leaves and smart fiber JURASIL®, an eco-friendly polyester alternative made with plant-based raw materials.

Emmanuelle Rienda, the woman responsible for launching the global vegan fashion movement in 2018, noted: “We are creating an international community of emerging fashion talents influencing the industry, in a highly saturated and extremely competitive space. Our professional platform, inclusive of Vegan Fashion Week®, trade shows and a permanent showroom, is an environment of impact, generating cultural experience and awareness that high fashion can be kind, elevated and thoughtful.”

Rienda plans to cultivate the global fashion scene with exciting collaborations and activations, such as the exclusivity for the launch of the upcoming collection by Nous Étudions (LVMH Prize 2020 Shortlist Designer) in collaboration with Desserto® cactus-based biomaterials. Exciting partnerships with major department stores and fashion groups will be announced later this year.

For all of the celebrities claiming their Vegan lifestyles, we’re surprised that more stars don’t attend. They should.
More information about the designers can be found here.

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