Cleaning Spotlight: Turkey Creek Essentials Is The Answer To Dust!

I am obsessed with cleanliness, especially when it comes to floors. Besides the obvious, which you can see with the naked eye, there is also the dust hidden under the beds or pieces of furniture too low for your vacuum to reach. So what do you do? Years ago, I acquired an industrial 24-inch dust mop similar to the one you see people using in the super market. Unfortunately, the company, I received it from discontinued that specific replacement mop. I was left with the broom handle and an overused mop.

After surfing the internet, I finally came across Turkey Creek Essentials, an American company based in Temple, Georgia, named after the Turkey creek that runs through their woods. They chose to add the word “Essentials” which reflects those things that most of us cannot do without. Sure enough, they had what I was looking for; the thick tufted 24″ Cotton Dust Mop replacement head for home and commercial use. I finally could resume with the cleaning of my hardwood floors. I have to point out that you can also use it to clean Laminate, Concrete, Vinyl, Composite or Other Hard Floor Systems. 

The 24-inch is perfect for any job, easy to handle. Small enough for easy maneuverability and large enough for those tough jobs with a cleaning surface of about 12″ X 33″.

Extra thick tufted, 100% cotton cleaning surface provides added durability for dust mopping larger areas. The mop head has a quick-dry blue top with reinforced binding around keyhole opening for added protection against raveling or fraying.

This heavy duty dust mop fits industry standard 24″ wire frames with secure tie fasteners and it is machine washable.

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So if you happen to have the same problem that I had, I recommend the  Turkey Creek Essentials 24″ dust mop refills replacements. 100% natural cotton yarn cleaning surface and designed for maximum dusting efficiency. The strong stitching and reinforced panel at the handle attachment area provides longer life of material and prevents premature wear. Their 24″ X 5″ pads generously cover an approximate 12″ X 33″ cleaning area in one swoop.

To never be in this situation again, I decided to purchase one of their heavy duty push broom style pads, which is a heavier than mine with a thicker tufted mop giving it a more full cleaning head.

Better safe than sorry.

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