California Restaurants Fight Back Making Case For Outdoor Dining

With new COVID19 guidelines in place across the state of California, including shutting down outdoor dining, the California Restaurant Association is fighting back. Now, they're going to court. 

"The California Restaurant Association planned to go to court Tuesday to seek an order barring a shutdown of in-person dining until LA County health officials provide medical or scientific evidence that it poses an unreasonable risk to public health," CRA said in a Facebook post. 

In a facebook post this week, CRA said: The National Restaurant Association sent a letter to the National Governors Association noting there is no scientific evidence linking restaurants to the increase in COVID-19 cases and urging them to consider policies and regulations that will enable the industry to safely serve their communities for the duration of the pandemic.

“There is an unfounded impression that restaurants are part of the problem, and we are suffering as a result of inconsistent, restrictive mandates,” said Tom Bené, President and CEO of the NRA in the letter. “Data tying systemic community outbreaks of COVID-19 to restaurants has yet to emerge, but we are too commonly labeled as ‘super-spreaders,’ and have become a convenient scapegoat for reflexive shutdowns.”

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