Autonomous’ AvoChair Is A Healthy & Comfortable Smart Office Product

If you have a job that calls for spending most of your day sitting down either at a computer or simply at a desk, it is mandatory to have a chair that can give you the most support possible for your back. While most office armchairs are esthetically pleasing to the eyes, the comfort of the seat does not always have the same consideration.

After researching the best desk chairs on the internet we came to find out about a company named Autonomous.

A relatively new company, Autonomous was created in 2015 by a group of people who specialized in both software and hardware. Their strength lies in advanced technological innovation. In fact, their first product was a robot assistant named Maya whose job was to make lives easier, more convenient and smarter.

Maya was a departure to create smart, productivity-hacking products. Most people tend to think of software or apps when thinking about productivity, but for Autonomous, it was all about the everyday experience; developing physical products that enrich our lives. The perfect example is the smart office products that they have developed, most notably, their comfortable office chairs.

I recently became the proud owner of the AvoChair designed for comfort starting with the seat and the backrest. The elastomeric mesh back gives you the perfect combination of support and airy comfort. This chair does not have adjustable lumbar support; however, the design mimics the natural curve of the spine. 

Its aluminum alloy base ensures a steady foundation for reclining while the soft ellipsoid arm pads provide enjoyable comfort. You can use this ergonomic comfortable reclining office chair for a long time without compromising your back health. Its clean, minimal, flowing lines are inspired by nature. All of their office chairs utilize Italian mechanics for full adjustability.

You can customize to your preference, build a healthy upright posture, and enjoy back support that lasts for those long zoom meetings. 

I can attest to that. If it is time to upgrade or change your chair, I highly recommend giving Autonomous a try.

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