X-Static Is The Must-Have Brush

Here is THE must-have brush in every bathroom. Created by Annette Crone, the X-Static Brush finally brings a solution to hair grooming. I am so excited to introduce to you X-Static from ForBabs.

Brushing your hair will never feel the same. I just tried it this morning and I am over the moon about it. Usually, after washing my hair and even with the help of product, I have to combat the static created by the heat and my brush. Well, say goodbye to that dilemma.

I did not know this, but per Annette, battling static electricity was addressed by using a dryer sheet attached to the brush to tame it. 

"Your hair is dry and it is ready for final styling. You run your brush through your hair and you are horrified as you see your reflection in the mirror – hair standing on end like an alien! And now begins the all-too-familiar process of taming the fly-aways caused by static electricity," Annette said. 


Even though it did the trick, it was not exactly convenient and certainly a hassle to carry dryer sheets. However,  after years of using the trusty dryer sheet technique, she decided to attach one of these sheets to a brush. The fact is, "doing this made the brush simpler to use – saving me time and adding convenience to my routine" Annette added.

The X-Static is easy-to-use and easy to clean. Simply unclip and lift up the brush body's oval frame and remove the anti-static sheet.

And that's not all! Furry Friends are covered too. Being a dog lover, she thought about how she could solve the problem of keeping her Shih-Tzu Sophie smelling clean and fresh.

Using a similar concept, she decided to combine pet wipes and a pet brush – FurBabs – which solves hair grooming problems for everyone! Simple but you had to think about it. And if you're wondering why it's called ForBabs, it is an homage to her mother Barbara, nicknamed "Babs" by her girlfriends.  

I just can't wait to try that one. Imagine how many dog lovers will thank her when their babies stop shedding all over the house?!

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