An Update From Tough Mudder’s CEO

With races cancelled, many runners wonder when they can get to a start line again. For the mud run community, we're wondering when Tough Mudder and Spartan Races can start. Here's a letter from Tough Mudder CEO, Kyle McLaughlin with a few updates:

The past 50 days have felt like both a marathon and a sprint, all at the same time. Here in New York City where Tough Mudder is based, and around the US and the world, we’ve seen the magnitude of seemingly endless hardship and tragedy, and each and every one of us have been impacted in some form by COVID-19. My heart goes out to all of the members of our community who are grieving, adapting or overcoming– and know that the strength of our global Tough Mudder community is with you.

These unprecedented challenges we’ve all faced for the past few months continue to highlight for me what we’ve always believed at TMHQ:  with teamwork, mental grit and courage– we can overcome any obstacle in front of us.  A few weeks ago, we launched our #HelpAHundred campaign to recognize the incredible efforts of our community, and have been humbled and inspired by the selfless spirit seen in the works of Mudders around the world. If you haven’t got on board yet– my mission to you: find your own way to help 100 people during this time of shared need, just as if you were on top of Everest, extending that helping hand down to a fellow Mudder…

As most of the country has turned the corner and embarks on the road to recovery, we’re itching to get back out in the mud again. But we’re also fully aware that recovery is going to take some time, and want to ensure that when we do return to holding events– we can do it in a way that minimizes the risk to you, our volunteers and our staff, and doesn’t create a burden for the communities that host us.

We’ve been hard at work developing what our “new normal” will look like, and you should expect that there will be substantial changes to the on-site event experience that allow us to adhere to local government guidelines. We have also been in close contact with the venues and local governments that host us, determining what their timelines look like to begin hosting events again. It is too early to tell when we will be able to resume hosting, but our commitment to you is that we’ll communicate status on your event no less than 60 days out, so you can adjust your plans accordingly.

If your event is not able to be held this year due to safety restrictions or you’re uncomfortable attending, all participants are able to transfer your ticket to a later 2020 event or 2021 event at no cost to you. We’ve also suspended all previously scheduled ticket price increases until further notice. We anticipate launching the full 2021 season in June, with 20+ Tough Mudder weekends in the works.

In the meantime, we’ve been creating a full other suite of offerings to keep you fit, healthy, inspired and entertained at home. Check out your inbox and our Facebook and Instagram for daily live workouts, as well as nutrition tips, mindfulness activities, and inspiring stories from the community. We’ve added a number of new products to, including neck tubes and masks to rep your TM pride if you live in a state that requires face covering. Be on the lookout for more exciting announcements from us in the coming weeks on new digital offerings, virtual challenges and product deals from our partners.

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