How Sean Penn’s CORE Is Making A Difference During COVID-19 Pandemic

Sean Penn's foundation, CORE, which has helped through a handful of natural disasters, is stepping up during this COVID-19 pandemic. 

CORE is working with the LA Mayor’s Office and the Los Angeles Fire Department to provide free drive-through testing for ANYONE with symptoms.

Good news for those in Napa Valley and Atlanta, CORE is now providing free COVID-19 testing in this city. In partnership with The Arthur M. Blank Foundation and Project South, CORE is operating COVID-19 test sites across the city to increase testing availability to communities impacted by the global pandemic.In collaboration with our partners Rob & Lydia Mondavi, Verily, Napa Valley Public Health, and Dr. Ingrid Hohimer McNicoll. This site serves vulnerable populations, including the high-risk community of migrant farm workers.

As for California, in partnership with the City of Malibu, CORE Response and Dr. Lisa Benya have opened a COVID 19 Testing Center on the grounds of Malibu City Hall. At 10 sites around California, including Los Angeles, Penn and his CORE team are distributing free test kits to free up the city's first responders for emergency services.

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