5 Reasons to Restructure & Reboost Your Company During Coronavirus Downtime

Millions of companies around the country are temporarily closed due to the coronavirus pandemic. There are many things that these business owners and managers could do during this time, but one of the most important things they can do is to consider what they can do to help make their company better than ever once things open back up.

Now is the time to consider company branding and creative image, and to take steps to ensure that the business emerges with a fresh appeal that helps it stand out.

"Many businesses have no choice but to close right now, but they absolutely should use that time to make business improvements," explains Nicholas Ingram, professional creative consultant and owner of Black Mansion Design Studio. "Most need to improve their branding and creative efforts, but never have the time. Well, now they have the time and by doing it will emerge stronger than ever."

Ingram specializes in helping companies with their creative design needs and branding. His company offers logo design, brand identity, product design and packaging, web design, and search engine optimization. He has helped numerous companies with their image and branding, pulling from years of experience and a passion for creativity and timeless designs.

Here are five reasons why Ingram says now is the perfect time for businesses to give their company a new creative look:

  • Have direction. Some companies are not sure what is going to happen when they reopen. Rather than just waiting to see what happens, this can help you take an approach where you are more in control of the outcome. Creating a new image and branding plan will provide you with direction when you get the green light.
  • Stand out. Every business that wants to be successful must have a way to stand out and differentiate themselves from the competition. The best way to do that is through their creative image and branding.
  • Build trust. People do business with companies that they trust. When you take the time now to hone your image, you will help to build trust when you open back up. 
  • Motivate buyers. Many people believe that once businesses open back up, the consumers will be a little hesitant. One way to motivate them to get back to business is to show that you are fresh, confident, and focused. This is something that a creative overhaul and branding goals can help you do.
  • Turn lemons into lemonade. Being told that you need to close your doors for a while due to a pandemic is being handed lemons. But that doesn't mean you have to sit with a sour face. You can turn them into lemonade and create something wonderful. By using the downtime to make business improvements, you will increase your chances of success once the doors are back open.

"Business leaders can either use this downtime to do nothing to help their business grow, or they can use it to hone their creative image," added Ingram. "Taking a proactive approach to revamping your creative image right now can go a long way in paying dividends when you open your doors once again."

Black Mansion Design Studio creates timeless designs for a variety of companies. Ingram is a fan of using the color black in his designs. So much so that he has painted his home all black and named his company after it. Being the absence of a color, black represents power, strength, authority, formality, and energy. Ingram has lived a life with a sense of purpose inspired by his two successful grandparents. One, Cecil D. Ingram, was an Idaho State Senator for 12 years, and the other, Kent Hadley, was a major league baseball player.

Getting his start in the field at age 15, he focused on creating album covers and website graphics. He has traveled around observing the creativity in other parts of the country, and is on a mission to help other areas up their creative game. Today, he is on the path to take over the creative scene in his hometown of Boise, Idaho, and beyond. Ingram has created some high-end classic designs using black for websites, products, logos, and more. Black Mansion also offers social media management.

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