Perfect Vision With Eagle Eyes

I first heard about FitOn® polarized sunglasses from Eagle Eyes while watching television. The engineering looked pretty amazing, seeing as how it was developed from original NASA Optic Technology. The TriLenium Polarized Sunglasses from Eagle Eyes claimed to block out 99.9% of harmful UVA, UVB radiation and scattered blue-light rays for optimum protection and visual acuity.

That was impressive enough, but Eagle Eyes even went a step further for those who wore prescription glasses. In the past, people had to choose to go without sunglasses, pay a small fortune to have their prescription put into a pair of sunglass lenses, or deal with cheaply made clunky cover-up-style fit overs. FitOns® are high-performance, low-profile premium sunglasses which allows you to have all of these benefits, plus style, clarity and performance.

I recently got myself a pair of NL FitOns Glasses® and I have to tell you that these glasses are all they are professed to be. If you are on the road quite a bit, I highly recommend that you keep a pair in your car. You can use them during the day to block the glare of the sun or at night to minimize the headlights of oncoming traffic. Our company President got a pair of the Trax Glasses from the Sports Line, which are ultra-light rimless sunglasses and built for optimal vision, comfort and much more sleek and stylish, as well as having all of the great features of the Eagle Eyes brand and he is very pleased with his choice. ($44.95 USD)


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