Holiday Gifting For Athletes On-The-Go

What to get for the athlete who is constantly on the move? We've got our top choices: 

mobot, foam rolling water bottle

The Mobot is a GAME CHANGER and the perfect present for your friend or family member who is an athlete, yogi or weekend warrior. What do you get when you combine a water bottle and a foam roller? THE MOBOT.

Founded by Lani Cooper, this is the first combined foam roller and reusable, environmentally sustainable water bottle.

You have a choice of three sizes: 18 (Firecracker), 27 (Grace) and 40oz (Big Bertha) bottles that come in various colors and patterns. My personal favorite is the 27oz as it's perfect for traveling. When I'm flying to races, I can simply sip and foam roll in the airport!

The best gift for Christmas & Hanukkah!

hardkour performance headband, ear warmer for runners

Hardkour Performance's HK x JUNK Headband / Ear Warmer is fantastic for every trail runner. I'm constantly forgetting an ear warmer when I head out to the mountains for a morning trail run so I keep one of these in each of my jackets!

With a slick Camo pattern design, the material is great for sweat absorption and keeping your ears warm during a crisp and windy run. 

Make it a stocking stuffer this holiday season! 

theragun, holiday gift

If you're looking to splurge, you can't go wrong with the Theragun. Their G3 and G3 pro is the go-to for percussive therapy. 

It uses repetitive strokes into muscle 16 mm deep, 40 times a second – 60% deeper than vibration massagers – to stimulate circulation, generate heat, and release your deepest tension. Great for post-training and after your loved one crosses that finish line.

HighBaller Adjustable Twin Ball Massager

Also great for those who travel during their race season… The HIGH TRAINER Adjustable Twin Ball Massager's multi-functionality means it can be used for massage, stretching and exercise. It's lightweight and portable, meaning you can do it all, anywhere and anytime.

harle hands, rock climbing

Whether you're friend or family member is into Crossfit or is living that rock climbing/ninja life… they need to protect their grip. Give the gift of Harle Hands in their stocking. CBD is IN and Harle Hands combines CBD, extracted from Colorado-sourced hemp, with a fusion of natural products, creating a balm for those constantly using their hands.

This easy to carry CBD-infused balm contains the following ingredients: refined beeswax, coconut oil, shea butter, carnauba wax, tea tree oil, vitamin E oil, peppermint oil, and cannabidiol. I always bring this with me when I go climbing!

shoplacle refocus bracelets

Last, but not least… a little something for the stocking that brings positive reminders to the daily athlete. Refocus Bands from @SHOPLACLE are bracelets that give you a positivity boost and reminder during the day when you flip it. Each band has a unique color and line: "Progress, not perfection" or "You Got This."

Perfect for runners, it's elastic band material is machine washable, can be stretched to reach the desired fit and it's reversible.


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