Brows Must-Have: Benefit Cosmetics Brow Zings Pro Palette

Women seem to be obsessed with their eyebrows. I think the trend started years ago with Brooke Shields. For some reason, everyone thought that it was very sexy to have huge blond hair and dark eyebrows. I personally thought that it was very unbecoming. I have to add that I was probably the only one! Nevertheless, I started bleaching my brows so that it looked more natural. I did this for years until my colorist, Dianne Degnan suggested that I stop dying them. I thought, "OK, let's try." With great reservation I knew that I could always revert back to bleaching again.

Soon after, I became used to it. Every time that I get my makeup done, I am told that I should put makeup on my brows. I have refused time after time. Recently, Angela Levin, a renowned celebrity makeup artist came to do my makeup and convinced me to let her apply a light shade to my eyebrows. Surprisingly enough, I just loved it. Of course, the next move was to find eyebrow makeup that could work with my hair color. 

Benefit Cosmetics Brow Zings Pro Palette was the one. A portable eyebrow palette features four long-wearing powders.
This eyebrow palette features four long-wearing powders to fill and shade and three waxes to sculpt and define.

Cindy Crawford at the 2018 Daytime Beauty Awards

Available in two flattering combinations to take the guesswork out of gorgeous brows: Light-Medium, my shade, includes cool blonde-warm brown shades, while Medium-Deep includes warm brown-cool black-brown shades.

Meagan Good at the 2018 Daytime Beauty Awards

The palette contains
– 3 x 0.09 oz/ 2.7 mL Waxes and – 4 x 0.03 oz/ 0.88 mL Long Wearing Powders. It has become my MUST have for many reasons, easy to apply, long lasting just the perfect finish.

Thanks Benefit Cosmetics!

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