Must-Have: Vornado Room Heaters Keep You Warm

Southern California has experienced one of its coldest winters in a long time, and of course that’s relative in comparison to the single-digit temperatures of east coast cities, but for Californians, the low forties is cold.

tornado whole room metal heater

So whether it’s in the forties or the low teens, in the winter months you may need some additional help with keeping your home or apartment warm. I discovered some of the most efficient and powerful space heaters ever in the Vornado Series of Room Heaters.

The first one I recommend is the “Vornado Whole Room Metal Heater:”

This compact box-shaped heater has the ability to heat an entire room because it uses a special airflow system called “Vortex Action,” which heats all the air in the room. The system circulates the cool air through the rear of the heater, and blows it out the front of the heater as gentle heat throughout the room. It has advanced safety features such as “Tipover Protection,” “2-stage Auto Shut-Off,” “Cool Touch Cabinet” and “Tight Grill Spirals.” It is equipped with 2-Heat Settings (750W/1500W) and an Adjustable Thermostat. There is also a convenient cord storage in the back of the heater. It is truly remarkable how this small heater can heat all the air in an entire room well enough to keep it comfortable.

The second heater I recommend is the “Vornado Tower Heater:”  

vornado tower heater

The advantage of this heater is that the circulation is constant. It uses a special airflow system called “V-Flow,” that heats all the air in the room. The air flows fast, warm and constant creating a heating experience unlike any other. Most tower heaters oscillate, but the TH1 provides comfortable, whole-room heat circulation for the entire room by moving all the air – ensuring that everyone is consistently comfortable no matter where they sit. This heater is equipped with 3-Heat settings (750W/1125W/ 1550W), Fan Only Setting and Auto or Continuous Fan, as well as the “Tipover Protection,” “2-stage Auto Shut-Off,” “Cool Touch Cabinet” and “Tight Grill Spirals,” safety features.

So during the winter months or if you just need a little extra heat during a cold spell, there’s nothing better than a Vornado Room Heater to reduce the chill and keep your home warm and toasty.

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