Must-Have: Comfort In New Bladeless Room Heater Technology

A new advancement in the world of Room Heaters is the “Bladeless” model. Lasko, which has a series of fans and humidfiers, as well as a variety of heaters, has produced one of the most efficient and powerful bladeless Room Heaters on the market. Lasko’s Bladeless Technology features what they call “Exclusive Heat Channels™” for long range heat projection. Penetrating air velocity pushes 1500 watts of comforting warmth throughout the room with an optional widespread oscillation function. The AW310 Model comes fully assembled and is made from a ceramic material that is easy to use and maintain with EZTouch™ digital controls and a convenient filter.

This space-saving stylish tower-heater is equipped with several built-in safety features, including overheat protection, cool-touch exterior and self-regulating ceramic element. It also has a high heat and low heat setting as well as a “Plus Auto Thermostat Controlled” setting.  The “widespread oscillation” feature allows the AW310 to cover a wider area with the same level of heat. Priced at a very affordable $99.99, this room heater will provide years of service and comfort with peace-of-mind knowing that you can relax without safety concerns.

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