Jane Fonda & Harrison Ford To Be Honored At 2019 SOC Awards

Jane fonda, soc awards

The Society of Camera Operators (SOC) announced the honorees of the Lifetime Achievement Awards for the 2019 SOC Awards, Governor’s Award Recipient, Jane Fonda and President’s Award Recipient, Harrison Ford. The 40th Annual SOC Awards will celebrate advances in the art, craft, and creative contributions of the camera operator on Saturday, January 26th at the Loews Hollywood Hotel.

“We are honored to be presenting these awards to such legends in the entertainment industry,” said George Billinger III, SOC President. “Their work has inspired so many of us and we are grateful for their extraordinary contributions to the business and creative community at large.”

Jane Fonda and Harrison Ford will be presented their Lifetime Achievement awards on Saturday, January 26, 2019 at the Lowes Hollywood hotel.

Harrison ford, soc awards

Nominees and additional award recipients:

Camera Operator of the Year – Television Nominees:
Mitch Dubin, SOC – Legion
Chris Haarhoff, SOC & Steven Matzinger, SOC– Westworld
Michael Heathcote, SOC – The Handmaid’s Tale
Gary Jay, SOC – House of Cards
Ben Semanoff, SOC – Ozark

Governor’s Award: Jane Fonda
President’s Award: Harrison Ford
Camera Operator: Dave Emmerichs, SOC
Camera Operator, Live & Non-scripted: Hector Ramirez
Camera Technician: Jimmy Jensen
Mobile Camera Platform Operator: John Mang
Still Photographer: Peter Iovino
Technical Achievement: Cinemoves, MATRIX 4 Axis Stabilized Gimbal
For more information or to purchase seats (limited number are still available for purchase), please visit or by dialing 818) 563-9110. 

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