Join Petco In Celebrating Ocean Conservation On World Oceans Day

Petco celebrates World Oceans Day by bringing attention to the importance of conservation and protection of the world's oceans. With this special day, Petco joins its valued non-profit partners, Coral Restoration Foundation and Rising Tide Conservation to rally pet parents to join the efforts to protect oceans.

The main focuses of this year's World Ocean Day celebrations focus on education on marine pollution prevention, protection and repopulation of the world's coral reefs, and by choosing marine aquatic life that is either aquacultured or collected using responsible, sustainable methods.

Not just thousands, but billions of plants, fish, animals and people depend on the world's oceans every day and it's critical to inspire more involvement in the conservation of and protection of these bodies of water.

"World Oceans Day is the perfect opportunity for pet parents to get involved in ocean conservation by participating in community events, beach clean ups and choosing aquacultured aquatic life," said Kevin Kohen, director of LiveAquaria, a division of Petco. "As industry leaders with the strongest standards for animal health and welfare, we believe aquacultured aquatic life not only helps support the sustainability of marine species and their natural environments, it also helps preserve the oceans for future generations."

The company also recognizes the importance of doing their part in helping to preserve and protect the world's coral reefs and the fish that depend on them. Petco supports and partners with organizations that lead the charge in protecting the world's oceanic environments. This year, Petco contributed $100,000 to Rising Tide Conservation and $20,000 to Coral Restoration Foundation, so that these organizations can continue their work in protecting the world's oceans through conservation, education and research initiatives. 

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