2017 NFL Week Ten Results

After week ten of the NFL season is in the books; we realize that these have been some of the NFL's darkest days. Just when you think that things couldn't get any worse, what with the whole National Anthem boycott debacle, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is in negotiations for a pay raise that Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is against. Here's what's going on: Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank leads a committee of owners to negotiate Goodell’s contract. Jones immerses himself into the process and wants more safeguards, more full ownership involvement. Jones makes it clear that he thinks Goodell is already overpaid. Jones is also not happy about the NFL six-game suspension of running back Ezekiel Elliott and the promises he was made by Goodell in that process. Jones is not happy with the way Goodell managed the national anthem issue. Jones starts to put the screws to Blank and to the committee, threatening a lawsuit to block any Goodell contract movement. Jones says Blank made promises about the process that he broke. Goodell reportedly wants $49.5 million in annual salary, a private jet, and lifetime health insurance for himself and his family, as relayed by anonymous sources. Goodell, already pocketing $30 million a year, is asking for a 19.5 million dollar raise for being partly responsible for this whole mess of a season. I happen to agree with Jones; this is not exactly the time to ask for that kind of a raise based on his recent performance as leader of the NFL.  Here are the week’s results:

Seattle Seahawks 22 @  Arizona Cardinals 16 (Thursday Night Football)

Sunday Games:

New York Jets 10 @  Tampa Bay Buccaneers 15   

New Orleans Saints 47 @  Buffalo Bills 10

Cleveland Browns 24 @  Detroit Lions 38

Cincinnati Bengals 20 @  Tennessee Titans 24

Green Bay Packers 23 @  Chicago Bears 16

Los Angeles Chargers 17 @ Jacksonville Jaguars 20

Minnesota Vikings 38 @ Washington Redskins 30

Pittsburg Steelers 20 @  Indianapolis Colts 17

Houston Texans 7 @  Los Angeles Rams 33

New York Giants 21 @  San Francisco 49ers 31

Dallas Cowboys 7 @ Atlanta Falcons 27

New England Patriots 41 @ Denver Broncos 16

Monday Games:

Miami Dolphins 21 @ Carolina Panthers 45

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