Our Dog Reporter’s Top PETCO ’17 Halloween Costumes

Pumpkins, spiders and hot dogs… oh my! It's that time of year again, when our Pet Corner reporters browse the costume aisles of PETCO for their top Halloween costumes!

In previous years, you've met the Viking King, Zombie Hunter, Soldier, Prince Charming  … the prisoner, caterpillar and more… check out Casper, Elvis, Marley and Laurie's favorite Halloween looks this year:

Petco halloween costume, spider

Casper the grumpy spider! He doesn't sting!

petco hot dog halloween costume

Laurie is feeling quite scrumptious in her hot dog costume!

petco, halloween costume, superhero

Marley is here to save the day! (the little booties can be a little tough to get on, but if your dog can stay still… no problemo!)

petco, dog, pumpkin costume

And of course… the classic pumpkin. Elvis is cute as a pumpkin button!


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