Hairstyling Spotlight: Must-Haves With Hot Tools® & Izutech

We’re aways on the lookout for hot hairstyling tools with innovative technology and design!

hot tools deep waver

Hot Tools® Ceramic Tourmaline Deep Waver

The Hot Tools Deep Waver is just what you need to create thick, lustrous waves. It heats up to 430° fast so you can get right to the styling. You can create glamorous waves with the extra-deep plates. The Deep Waver is easy to handle and use with these great features:

  • Recessed thumb grip for more comfortable, secure grip
  • Locking switch convenient for travel
  • Cool tips for easy handling
  • Separate On / Off switch
  • 8 ft. Professional swivel cord
  • One-year warranty

Price: $60.00

Blow Dryers are one of the most used tools in the hair salon industry.

New from IZUTECH

TRX 4000 Professional Blow Dryer

Izutech blow dryer

Why is it so good?

TORQUE POWER: IZUTECH TRX4000 has an industry best, Italian AC 2000 Watt motor, which blasts more compressed airflow than any other hair dryer on the market.

TRUE TOURMALINE CERAMIC HEATER: Negative Ions are released with all airflow, locking in moisture in the cuticles for a shinier and softer finish.

BLAZING HEAT: The nose section of TRX4000 is designed with a unique cone-shaped, zig-zag grid system. It maximizes the heat surface and ensures a superior heat consistency. It outputs the hottest air flow available from a blow dryer.

SHHH SILENCE: is rated for 62 Decibels, which is in the range of a typical conversation noise (60 – 65 dB).

ERGONOMIC DESIGN: one of the lightest professional blow dryer.


3 HEAT SETTINGS While standard 3 heat settings apply, the highest heat setting delivers highest temperature available currently in the market. TRX 4000 “For Professionals Only” has a 10 years warranty of use, which includes a brand new product replacement, instead of replacing it with a refurbished product.

Price: $200.00

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