‘Bark or Treat!’ Petco’s 2016 Halloween Costume Spotlight

Petco halloween costume story - latf usaWe can tell it's almost Halloween because our owners have decorated their homes with pumpkins and scarecrows! This would be our favorite holiday if only we could eat chocolate!

When the pumpkins come out, we know it's that time: time for them to dress us up! Petco has a great selection of costume options. We would rather eat a hot dog, but you can also be one for Halloween. They have everything from princess to, pirate, sailor, superhero, lady bug costumes and more. Check out our choices…

Petco halloween costume story - latf usa

  • Bootique Pug-shot Prison Dog Costume (Laurie: I may not be a pug, but my Mom definitely puts me in time-out jail a lot).
  • Boo! Sweater (Casper: I'm not big on characters, but I do like to be festive and keep warm at the same time on trick or treat night).
  • Pumpkin Costume (Elvis: So comfortable and it has a little pumpkin hoodie!)
  • Caterpiller Costume (Elvis: If you don't want to be too scary but still colorful and cute!)

Petco halloween costume story - latf usa

To shop, visit your local Petco or Petco Unleashed – or visit them online at

Petco halloween costume story - latf usa



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