Watch Demi Lovato Go Undercover As A Lyft Driver

Lyft has released the latest installment in the Undercover Lyft video series in which Demi Lovato goes undercover as a driver in Denver, CO to surprise unsuspecting passengers.

In the video Demi goes undercover as Samantha “Sam” a Lyft driver who has just started with the company because its “cool for the summer”.  As she drivers the passenger’s around she reveals that she is an aspiring singer that is on tour with her ex’s brother (hint: Nick Jonas!), joins in with one of the passenger’s to sing a Camp Rock song, and even gets one of the riders to agree that Selena Gomez is a better singer!

Previous Undercover Lyft installments have featured athletes like Shaq, Richard Sherman, Danica Patrick and Jerry Rice, so this latest video ventures into new territory with Demi as one of the world’s top singers and songwriters. Demi perfectly embodies one of Lyft's core values: Be Yourself. Lyft is  proud to support Demi's commitment to making mental health mainstream, specifically in her work with CAST Centers and Founder and CEO Mike Bayer.

Demi Lovato, undercover lyft

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